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Letters Home

Letters Home - Rebecca  Brooke I went looking for this book after I starting reading another book and realized it was a continuation of something else. I am glad I did. I loved this story. It is heartbreaking at times but moves on to a great place.

With that being said, I would have loved to give this a 5 star if it wasn't for the typos. It needs a reedit. It was distracting.

Mistletoe & Kisses

Mistletoe & Kisses - Jennifer  Benson, Rebecca  Brooke, Danielle Jamie, Brandace Morrow, Lisa Survillas, Jade C. Jamison I loved the stories! I bought this especially so I could read Christmas Stalkings by Jade C. Jamison. I have read the rest of that series and could wait to read this novella of Brad and Val. It was fantastic.

I had never read any of the other authors. The stories themselves were wonderful. The writing in itself is good.

I hate saying anything bad about a book or giving anything less than a 5 star review. However, some of them need to go back and be reedited. It is a bit distracting to read a book with more than a couple typos or errors.

Christmas Stalkings

Christmas Stalkings - Jade C. Jamison Love this series! Awesome little snippet of Brad and Val!

Fight for Her, Volume 3

Fight for Her, Volume 3 - J.J.  Knight Loving this series. Parker is awesome! Glad to see bits of Colt and Jo. Again with the cliffhanger!! Can't wait to see how Parker and Maddie play out.


Entice - S.E. Hall Sawyer may very well be my favorite of all the Evolve men! Although I got mad at him for a minute he made up for it later. Love this series!


Entangled  - S.E. Hall I am loving this series! The characters are great! While I love Evan to death and Sawyer is delightful!! I think this book may have softened me to Dane a little bit more!

Embrace (Evolve Series #2)

Embrace (Evolve Series #2) - S.E. Hall This book made me so happy for Evan. He tried so hard to be what Laney needed before but it just wasn't meant to be. I glad he is meeting someone and gets his HEA! I am so glad that him and Laney are getting back to what they are really suppose to be: best friends!


Emerge  - S.E. Hall Oh this was a tear jerk-er if ever there was one but there were plenty of lol moments too! I loved Evan! I'm iffy on Laney and Dane. Sawyer is awesome. Can't wait to get through the rest of the books!

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams That was a bumpy ride but worth it!!!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For - Jade C. Jamison I really wanted to hate Kage but at the end of it all he was great! I was glad Jessica got past her hang ups as well. It was a bit of a roller coaster there for a bit.

Fight for Her, Volume 2

Fight for Her, Volume 2 - J.J.  Knight OMG!!! I was warned before I started about the end of this one!! JJ is the queen of cliffhangers! That is one of the many reasons you gotta love her. This book was as awesome as the others.

Fight for Her Vol. 1 (Uncaged Love, #6)

Fight for Her Vol. 1 (Uncaged Love, #6) - J.J.  Knight Once again, another awesome book from a great author. As with the other books I expected the ending to be something like it was but was still a bit shocked.

That one part with the maid was hilarious! Great job!

First Love: A Superbundle Boxed Set of New Adult Romance

First Love: A Superbundle Boxed Set of New Adult Romance - Julia Kent, Mimi Strong, Aubrey Rose, Nadia Simonenko, Deanna Roy, J.J.  Knight, Kelly  Walker Awesome bundle of books. I had only read one of the authors so I was introduced to some new authors that I will be reading more of very soon.

Blue Shoes, Vol. 3

Blue Shoes, Vol. 3 - J.J.  Knight Loved it!! Happy how things worked out and I had my suspicions about who the trouble maker was!!!

Blue Shoes #2

Blue Shoes #2 - J.J.  Knight Wow!!!! What a roller coaster of a ride this one was!! Can't wait to find out who is doing this and if things work out! Someone really loves her cliffhangers!!! :)


Inked - Jade C. Jamison, J.M. Walker, Stacy Gail Loved every book in this!!! I had only read one of the authors before read this too!